Wednesday, April 16, 2014


37 weeks! Prayers requested for a good delivery. I have a c section scheduled for May 1st but am hoping to go into labor naturally if that is Gods plan this time around. Either way, the baby will be arriving soon!

I just read over Anne's birth story and was brought to tears remembering what a special experience that was. The birth of every baby is special, but hers was healing in a unique way. Whichever way this birth goes I hope I can realize the beauty in it. I can't wait to look upon the face of this little boy I have carried without seeing the past nine months.

God is very very good and His blessings abundant and merciful. What a great gift is the gift of a child.

Hoping to have a post about Anne's Easter dress very soon. I must say, I am glad to have at least one girl. She is bossy and loud and quite a little mama. We've set up her little bed in her room but she isn't *quite* willing to give up her crib yet. ;) We are working on that!

I feel incredibly lame I don't have the sewing projects to post about I used to...ugh. I miss that. A lot. Darn it! I *think* about costuming all the time but haven't sewn a single historical thing for myself since the wool 1860s dress I made last November. Alas. Its sad. So I just wanted to apologize. Instead of some cool new thing I just made, here, you can look at pics of my kids. :P

Anne fits well into her bluebird regency gown now:

And David is getting tall and gangly, and apparently (cough) has a girlfriend named Elle.

Judah is in the height of soccer season.

And Malachi is Malachi. All cowboy and farmer and handyman rolled into one. He's eager to go fishing. His cuteness kills me.

And at that, I just realized I wasted a half hour writing a blog post when I could have been sewing an Easter dress. Gotta get up and make the most of this day!

Much love,


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Regency Stuff for Sale

Again, some items I no longer or never have used. Email me at for details.

#1 - Regency Ballgown

Worn once for an evening event and once for pictures. Appx ladies size 6/8. Inspired by fashion plates and extant gowns from the 1810s period, sewn in sheer cotton dotted swiss with all visible stitching done by hand. Like new. $180 shipped.

#2 - White Regency Day/Evening Dress

Dress copied from two gowns in Patterns of Fashion 1, from the 1800-1810 period. Dress is convertible to evening style by removing the long under sleeves. Skirt is pieced at the lower back. Made in a sheer white cotton stripe with all visible stitching done by hand. Worn once for a day event and once for pictures. Appx. Ladies size 6/8. $130 shipped.

#3 - Bodiced Petticoat

Copied in style from the 1790s bodiced petticoat and shortgown/jacket in Costume in Detail. Linen bodice with tucked pleated skirt in white cotton. Worn once for pictures. $65 shipped.

#4 - 1790s Jacket

Copied in style from an original. Fitted, slightly short waisted jacket with peplum and long fitted sleeves. All visible stitching done by hand. Worn once for pictures. $70 shipped.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A New Cover for the Bassinet

One of the final things to do before the arrival of the baby was to open the old attic trapdoor, ascend the ladder and retrieve the bassinet from the dim, spooky place where it has been stored since Anne's infancy. When brought into the flood of sunlight in the room below, it was apparent that the bassinet would need a new cover. The old poly/cotton eyelet one was dingy and threadbare and it was time for a fresh look.

I usually co sleep with my babies but a bassinet has been indispensable in the past for non-nighttime napping. Its portable and small enough to put almost anywhere. So it was fun to sew up a new cover that would fit in with nearly every room in the house. All the fabrics came from my stash, so it was a free project. :)

For the outside I used a few yards of super soft grey wool. It has a slightly shiny appearance and a beautiful drape. I intended this to be for my maternity hobbit coat, but at this point, (35 weeks) anything maternity seems a bit silly. It was perfect for the bassinet though! The inside is of pale blue cotton with the seam sewn with a dark blue cotton welt.

I wasn't going to add a skirt, but in the end covering up the white metal frame looked much better than not. I sewed a modest tube of the wool, bound it top and bottom in dark blue cotton, and pleated it to fit. To attach it I hand stitched it to the outer layer of the bed.

I covered the mattress in blue and white ticking. The whole thing can be put into the wash when need be. The grey and white and blue needed a bit of color so I made a simple 9 patch pillow for decoration. (Of course, the pillow will be removed when the bassinet is in use!)

The very last thing to finish is the new blanket for baby boy. A dear friend gave me the already-pieced fabric for Christmas and so all I need to do is quilt it. Its incredibly soft and cozy and I can't wait til I can wrap up my new snuggly bundle in it.

While I'm eager for the arrival of my lil bub I'm also trying to enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy since once they are gone, they are gone. I think baby Anne finally realizes something is afoot and that there must be *something* in Mommy's belly that is doing all the kicking and squirming she feels when she sits on my lap. She eyes the tiny clothes and bassinet with ill- humored suspicion. Poor girlie. Hopefully she won't mind him much once he's here!

Much love,

Friday, March 28, 2014

Civil War Costume Pieces

Overhauling my collection of the costume pieces I have made over the years. Here are several Civil War items, suitable for reenactments or living histories.

All prices include shipping. Email me at: for inquiries. Thanks!

#1 - Toddler Quilted Hood

Wool blend outer layer, thick wool kersey lining and plain brown cotton lining and ties. Machine quilting and cotton velvet binding on the brim. Sized to fit a toddler or small child. This is a used item in good condition.

#2 - Infant Sacque and Hood Set

I made this for baby Anne but she outgrew it before having a chance to wear it. Wool A-line sacque lined in dark blue spotted cotton and fully quilted in the body with cotton batt. The hood matches, and both pieces are trimmed in dark blue silk. Size 3-6 months.


#3 - Lady's Quilted Sunbonnet

Made of a repro cotton print for a blog tutorial and worn twice. Close machine quilting on brim with hand finishing. Sized to fit an average head.


#4 - Wool Baby Gown

Wool gown lined in bodice and sleeves with plain cotton. Full pleated skirt and hand applied trim. Piping at neck, armscyes and waist. In good used condition. Size 12-18 months.


#5 - Boys Tunic and Trouser Set

Cotton tunic with narrow band collar and short sleeves. Lots of hand finishing. Handmade buttonholes. Lightly fitted. In very good used condition. Trousers of green wool plaid with elasticized waist. Never worn. Size 4/5.


#6 - Black Silk Hood

Quilted hood in black silk. Completely hand sewn. In excellent used condition; worn only to one event and for pictures. Lined in white cotton sateen with cotton batt. Sized for average adult woman head.


Monday, March 17, 2014

1930's St. Patrick's Day Dress!

The last thing to do was to sew on the ribbons, and they were the first things Anne managed to yank off. I'm glad they were just lightly tacked on.

This is the first 1930's style dress I have made for Anne. Though honestly the generic toddler/little girl silhouette remained quite similar from the 20's through the 70's; short, often waistless and easy fitting. Patterns for little girls frocks during these decades often included shorts or elasticized panties. Quite necessary beneath the short dress hem, especially for active little girls.

I didn't have a pattern for this dress so I drafted my own using an original dress as a guide for style and seam placement and a basic sleeveless bodice from a commercial pattern as a starting point for size. I ended up with an A-line dress and a sleeve and collar, as seen below. I drew the desired seam lines on this master pattern, then it was just a matter of cutting the pieces apart, adding seam allowance, and some width to the skirt gores for a more twirly skirt. (For an everyday "play" dress, I would not have needed to add much width...dresses of the 30's could still be quite narrow compared to later full skirted styles).

I made it up unlined in green linen. Most of the interior seams were French seamed and then topstitched from the outside. The side center gore pieces were finished with a bias cut white cotton welt (since I couldn't find my piping foot for piping) and topstitched to the yoke.

The hem was finished with a wide self fabric bias facing. It weights the skirt nicely.

The little puff sleeves were finished with a band of white cotton and the neckline with an itty bitty white collar. Three white buttons are sewn to the front for decoration. The actual closure is in the back, with two little hook and eyes.

I made it a bit big, since I'm hoping it will still fit Anne for the Erin Feis later this year. She loved running around in it, though its nearly impossible to get her to hold still for pictures. Out of the fifty or so I took, here are the only tolerable ones:

I thought I'd have better luck taking her outside. All she wanted to do was run!

Happy baby though! Its good to be out after a very cold and long winter!


Friday, March 14, 2014


Hello dears!

It has been a while but I thank everyone who has checked up on us. We are all doing well and I will have a blog post soon (hopefully) about Anne's new 1930's frock. I have really been loving the 30's lately and since I cannot really indulge in the styles for myself at the present time, Anne is a perfect candidate for experimental dressmaking. The style I'm copying is from the dress pictured below.

I'm making it up in green linen with white accents and yesterday the silk ribbon I ordered arrived! The more subdued color is double faced satin, and the vibrant orange is hand dyed "Hannah Silk" from Bitrex Fabrics. I adore them both but think the satin ribbon looks more vintage appropriate - thoughts? The color scheme is for St. Patrick's Day, of course.

In other news we all are well. David and Judah started public school a few months ago and though I sorely miss homeschooling, this is the right fit for all of us at this time. They both love going to school and already have groups of new friends and take keen interest in the school activities. Judah is raising money next week for St. Jude and David is excited about his upcoming "Grandparent Day". Though its been a bit crazy adjusting to the schedules (they go to separate schools, since David needs a bit more extra help and attention than our little local elementary school offers) we have fallen into a good routine and the boys are blossoming.

Anne and Malachi keep me plenty busy. Anne is talking in full sentences and has a shoe, clothes and make up obsession. She loves her baby dolls and is utterly self confident and dominates her brothers like an experienced maternal figure. She IS spoiled, but then, she's the only girl. ;) She is 20 months now. She thinks she is much older.

Malachi is my right hand man while his brothers are away. He turned 5 in January. He's growing tall and slim and there is no task he will not attempt to undertake, especially if it involves tools of any kind. Full of questions and beautiful, strange thoughts. Practical to the extreme yet very poetic, he's still my baby boy. I love him so!

I've been sewing like mad but mostly for others, not me. I hope to squeeze in some fun projects when I can. In the meantime I have only a few weeks left to get things ready for the new baby. He measured in at over 4 lbs at our last check up and is big and healthy.

Love to all,

Friday, January 17, 2014

24 Weeks

Thank you all for your wonderfully encouraging words, thoughts and prayers. It meant so much to me and I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for my family and I.

I am excited about what the future holds and am thankful that despite our differences David remains very much involved in the lives of our four sweet babies, as well as the life of ou
r unborn son. We had eight years together and they helped shape us into the people we are today. I hope that this next chapter in our lives helps us with furthering our knowledge of both our own selves and God. Any challenge life brings is an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. I am learning to accept the greys in life, learning to let go of regret, and lesrning that there are never such things as endings; only new beginnings.

In early May our little son will enter the world. We chose for him the name Benjamin Charles Earl. I do not think I have shared a belly pic yet for this pregnancy so here is a recent one at 6 months! I love this kicky squirmy little person!